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Maria ten Kortenaar

member of AIC-IAC

Westzijde 268C

1506GJ Zaandam

The Netherlands



+31 6 51994825


portrait 2022 2.jpg
Professional info


Maria ten Kortenaar lives and works in Zaandam, close to  Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

She was trained as a silver- and goldsmith at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and earned her degree as master in 1985 from goldsmith and sculptor Jaap de Vries. Since 1995 she started working with clay because it gives her more possibilities to work with colour. Since 2005 she only works with porcelain. The colours in her porcelain objects are through and through, made with a special inlay technique : Nerikomi. Her work is all manually built, this makes every example a unique piece of art.


Since 1997 she exhibits in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Great Brittain, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, South-Korea, China and the USA.

Maria ten Kortenaar is a member of the AIC-IAC


For me, porcelain is a medium that allows me to express what I perceive, feel and
experience in everyday life. Through porcelain, I'm able to translate the impressions that stick to me, into my artworks. Happiness, sunsets, rainy days, landscapes that I observe in real life, all find their way to my artworks. The titles are links to my personal memories.

You're on the outside,

Looking inside

What do you see?

Reflections and emotions

That's probably me!




  • Kaolin Prize (2th) JICB 2023 Jingdezhen China 2023

  • Blanc de Chine competition finalists exhibition Hangzhou 2022 

  • Finalist Taiwan International
    Ceramics Biennale 2020


  • Honorable Mention
    11th Int. Ceramics Festival
    Mino, Japan 2017

  • Finalist. America's Clayfest, Roseville, California, USA, 2015

  • Finalist,  International Porcelain Biennual Shanghai, Shanghai, China. 2014

  • Honorable Mention
    10th Int. Ceramics Festival,
    Mino, Japan. 2014


  • Special Prize
    5th World Ceramic Biennale,
    Korea 2009


  • Finalist Prize 
    4th International Ceramic Biennale Taiwan 2008



France: Galerie Terra Viva, Saint Quentin la Poterie, March19-June1

Germany: ProTon, Höhr Grenzhausen, Nerikomi class, June 23-25

Germany: Galerie Handwerk, München, The Flower in the Arts and Crafts, June 23-July 29

France: Franjeaux Art, Franjeaux until end of September

China, Hanzhou, Blanc de Chine exhibition and competition

Great Brittain: Kellie Miller Arts, Brighton. Artist of the month December

China: Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen International Ceramics Biennale 2023, December 15- Juni 14 2024

Czech Republic:  teaching at the international student symposium Dubi, July 15-17

Germany: Teaching at ProTon, Hohr-Grenzhaus September 23-24-25 (already full!)
Beijing: Blanc de Chine competition

In Stock 2023:
The Netherlands: Cilo, Zutphen
Great Britain: Kellie Miller Art, Brighton
France: Le Don du Fel, Fel.
China: Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Gallery, Sanbao
Exhibitions in the past:

The Netherlands: Rotterdam, Galerie Theemaas, Februari15-March 27, solo

China: Jingdezhen, Sanbao Ceramic Gallery, Sanbao

HongKong: Touch Ceramics, March/ April

Taiwan: New Taipei, Yingge Ceramics Museum, International Ceramics Biennale.

Germany: Frechen, Keramion: Zarte Flügel dicke Brummer, March 31- August 11

Great Brittain: Brighton, Kellie Miller Arts: Objects of desire, April May

The Netherlands: Roermond, Marcel Van Hoef, May 25-June 30

Romanie: Cluj, Cluj Ceramics Biennale 2019, October

France: Le Fel, Galerie Le Don du Fel: Le décor comme élément structurele, October 13 November 30


Belgium, Antwerp, ADGallery, March 24-June 24

Great Brittain: Brighton, Kellie Miller Gallery: April 27-May 28

The Netherlands: Roermond, Marcel van Hoef, June 2-July 1


Germany: Porzellan Biennale, Albrechtsburg, Meissen, August 12-November 4

Germany: Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg, September 9-November 4

Italy: Homofaber Event, Michelangelo Foundation, Venice, September 12-30

France, Galerie Terra Viva, St. Quentin la Poterie, September 9-November 11

Taiwan, Yingge, Yingge International Ceramics Museum, AIC-IAC members exhibition, September 28- October 28.


France: Limoges, Fondation d 'Entreprise Bernardaud. Exhibition C'est le bouquet"

Japan: Ceramics Festival Mino, 

Latvia: Memorybox competition, Mark Rotko Art Center, Daugavpils.


France, Sèvres, Art Cerame 2, May 12- May 31


France: Biennale Internationale de Vallauris, July - November 2016

   Musée Magnelli, Musée Magnelli, Musée de la Céramique

   Place de la Libération06220 Vallauris

Netherlands: Ceramique Botanique, Museum Tiendschuur, Tegelen, May 27-September 25

Latvia: International Ceramic Biennale Latvia, Martinsons Award Competition, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia, July 15, September 24

Masterclass: Stage Masterclass, Vallauris Institute of Art, Vallauris, July 4-8


Netherlands, Deventer, Loes en Reinier International Ceramics, Korte Assenstraat 15. Januari 25- Maart 21


Netherlands, Tegelen, Museum Tiendschuur, Januari 16- April 19


USA, America's Clayfest,  Roseville California. April  16- June 2


Romania, Cluj, International Ceramic Biennale, October 8-30



China: Ning Space, Solo Exhibition: Rites of Spring,

798 Art District Shop B07-9, Beijing, March 29 - May 5 2014


China, Jingdezhen, Sanbao International Ceramics Gallery, May- December


Japan, Mino, 10th International Ceramics Festival, September 12- October 19


China, Shanghai, 4the International Porcelain Biennual Shanghai, Modern Pot Art Museum, Shanghai, November 2014.





USA: Perimeter Gallery, 210 W Superior St Chicago, january- December


Netherlands: Beelden in Gees, Schaapveensweg 16, Gees, May-September


Belgium ADGallery, Grote Koraalberg 17, 2000 Antwerpen, October 26-january 5 (2014)





Belgium: Antwerpen, Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, Museumstraat 29, February 17- March 13 


Netherlands: Deventer, Loes en Reinier International, Korte Assenstraat 15, March 4- March 31


Netherlands: Amsterdam, Kunst is Kunst, Nieuwe Vaart 200, June 16,17 and July 1


Netherlands: Interart Beeldentuin,Gouverneursweg 6c, Heeswijk, May 12- 0ktober 12


China: Hongkong, JCCAC, opening September 7


South Korea:Icheon, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Awarded works of the International Competition, GICBiennale 2001-2011, until December 23




6th World Ceramic Biennale, South Korea, special exhibition "Inlaid Ceramics" , Gwanju Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum


Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, Antwerpen, Belgium


Gallery Dubhe Carreño, Chicago USA


Galerie Hilde Holstein, Bremen, Germany


Winners Gallery, Modern Masters, München, Germany




Galerie Montana, Apeldoorn, Netherlands


Beelden in Gees, Gees, Netherlands


Galerie Ludwig Trossaert, Antwerpen, Belgium




5th World Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, South Korea (Special Prize)


Open Art Fair, Galerie Lijn 3, Utrecht, Netherlands


Galerie beelden in Gees, Gees,  Netherlands




Taiwan Ceramic Biennale, Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan.


Galerie St. Joseph, Grafic Ceramics, Leeuwarden, Netherlands


Biennale d'Andenne, Belgium ( 2008 2004,2002, 2000)


Kyouei Gama Gallery, Tokoname, Japan

  • Museum Ceramic Art Institute Sanbao Jingdezhen, China

  • Mondern Pot Art Museum, Shanghai, China

  • Museum of modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan

  • Museum de Tiendschuur, Tegelen, Netherlands

  • Museum of the World Ceramic Centre Icheon, Korea





   .   Nerikomi, The Art of Colored             clay, by Thomas Hoadley 2024

   .   Het grote boek 4, Nowhow

       boek  4, Mels Boom

        uitgave kleine  K, 2023


  •  Klei keramiek magazine         July/August 2020

  • New Ceramics #4 2020

  • De Kleine K, April 2019

  • New Ceramics, # 5, 2016

  • De kleine K, #2, February,  2015

Youtube: Maria ten Kortenaar showing how to do it.

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